Education and Outreach

Teaching is an essential element of scholarship and academic research. Brandon is fortunate to share the classroom with the wonderful and bright graduate and undergraduate students of UCSB on a regular basis. Below is a list of what Brandon has been teaching recently.

W22 – CHEM 142B Biochemistry
F21 – BMSE 210 iQB2 Boot Camp
F21 – CHEM 142A Biochemistry
Sp21 – CHEM 259 Bioenergetics (online)
W21 – CHEM 142B Biochemistry (online)
F20 – CHEM 142A Biochemistry (online)
Sp20 – CHEM 259 Bioenergetics (online)
F19 – CHEM 293 Faculty Research Seminar

Outreach is how we connect with our community, stay engaged, and remind ourselves of who we ultimately serve.

Soon to come!

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