Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Greene Lab (PI, students, and postdocs) commits to fostering an inclusive and welcoming research and scholarship environment for all. Our Lab is a safe space for all underrepresented minority groups, particularly for BIPoC, women, LGBTQ+, and those with disabilities. We hold ourselves accountable through a variety of mechanisms including a Lab Handbook, defining the code of conduct for all members of the lab, explicitly stating that discrimination of any kind is strictly forbidden, and can result in disciplinary action. This handbook is updated, agreed upon, and signed every year by all members as our obligations and responses to representation challenges change over time. We have also established June 10th as an annual #ShutDownSTEM day, following the tradition of the 2020 movement, where our science takes a pause to give space for a constructive (and sometimes uncomfortable) dialogue to assess our progress (or lack thereof), to establish new annual actionable items, and to reaffirm our commitment to one-another in solidarity for the moral and just inclusion of all, particularly our underrepresented colleagues and friends.

Below you can find several resources for on-campus support and accountability, please contact Brandon if you have any additional resources that may be of value to a healthy lab environment in the Greene Lab.

DCB Diversity Officer: Prof. Gabriel Menard
Graduate Division Diversity Resource Page (here)
Multicultural Center (here)
Office of International Students and Scholars (here)
Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (here)
Women, Gender and Sexual Equity Center (here)
Non-traditional Student Resource Center (here)
Graduate Student Wellness Resources (here)
Graduate Student Association (here)
Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships (here)
African diasporic Cultural Resource Center (AdCRC) (here)
American Indian Cultural Resource Center (here)
Asian Resource Center (here)
Chicanx/Latinx Cultural Resource Center (CLCRC) & El Centro (here)
Middle Eastern Resource Center (here)
First Generation Community (here)

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