Redox Biology at the Edge


The Greene Lab is a collective of scientists interested in how biology performs reduction/oxidation (redox) reactions far from equilibrium in water, the universal solvent of life. We use a variety of techniques and foster a diverse team to address these challenges with an eye toward sustainable energy storage, targeted therapeutics, and environmental stewardship.

Come visit us! We are located on the first floor of the Chemistry Building at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Lab News

4/7/23 – So long, no update! We have a change of the guard: Victor is graduating and headed to UCSF for graduate school, as well as Jolie to UMich. They are being followed by our new undergraduates Brett, Collin, Whitney, Karry, and August! Congratulations and welcome aboard!

9/1/22 – Congratulations to Mary for defending her M.S. thesis!

6/3/22 – Congratulations to our graduates! Iman is off to Seer Bio, Chloe is off to Sorrento Therapeutics, Eric is off to Vividion Therapeutics, Victor is continuing in research and finishing some required additional coursework for a Bioengineering PhD program, and Sanchit is off to UNC pursuing a Chemistry PhD! Excited to see what you all do!

5/11/22 – Congratulations to Clara Bailey for receiving a Fullbright Fellowship! She will be traveling to France for a year to study how microorganisms may couple polyaromatic hydrocarbon degradation to phosphite oxidation for improving selective pressure with Jan Roelof van der Meer.

4/1/22 – Brandon is presenting our work on electron bifurcation at the Experimental Biology/ASBMB national meeting in Philly. Come say hi!

2/1/22 – 1st-year chemistry students Nathan Michellys and Larry Palato join the group! Welcome!

9/2/21 – 2nd-year chemistry student Ben Jones Joins the group! Welcome!

2/15/21 – Long time, no update! The Greene lab is thrilled to welcome Alison Marsh to the group as a 1st-year graduate student! Alison will be working on phosphorus redox biology.

6/12/20 – The lab reopens partially at 15% capacity per city and university guidelines. Stay safe everyone, wear your mask!

5/15/20 – Juan Carlos Caceres Vergara, a 1st-year BMSE student, has joined the group! Welcome Juan Carlos!

3/30/20 – Brandon begins teaching CHEM 259 – Bioenergetics. The course is meant to illustrate the connection between energy transduction and the design principles of living organisms. Class goes digital to protect students and the community from COVID spread.

12/13/19 – 1st-year chemistry graduate students Clara Bailey, Mary Lerner, and Ethan Ward join the group! Welcome Clara, Mary and Ethan!

7/1/19 – The Greene Lab opens in Chemistry 1142 in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCSB!